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24 Hours at Eden



Come! Step into the rich, complicated, dizzying, life-changing experience that is theological education at Eden! The best way to do that is to come and join us. We invite you to Experience "24 Hours at Eden" or contact our admissions director to schedule a visit.



    "When you study at Eden, you get to know the church that is, with all its foibles and its miraculous moments of grace. You also get to dream about the church that will be."

    David M. Greenhaw, President and Professor of Preaching and Worship, Eden Theological Seminary

24 Hours at Eden
A unique opportunity to explore how God is calling you to serve the church in this new day.
24 Hours that could change your life.
24 Hours that could change your world.

24 Hours at Eden - Dates

    October 5-6, 2014

To register by phone or for more information, contact:
    Office of Admissions
    Eden Theological Seminary
    475 East Lockwood Avenue
    Saint Louis, Missouri 63119-3192

    phone: 314-918-2501
    toll free: 877-627-5652
    fax: 314-918-2640
    email: admissions@eden.edu