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Online Learning at Eden

Steps for Enrollment
The steps toward enrolling in an Eden on-line class:

  • Complete and send your Credit Non-Degree application to the Admissions Office at Eden Theological Seminary

  • Request an official transcript be sent to Eden from all the institutions where you attended for undergraduate study

  • Request a reference be sent to Eden by your pastor using the official reference form.

  • Once you are accepted to Eden, you will receive information regarding registering for class and payment of tuition.

Your questions may be forwarded to Carol Shanks, Director of Admissions, cshanks@eden.edu or 314-918-2501

Requirements for On-Line Students

  • On-line students, like all Eden students, must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with a minimum GPA of 2.70.

  • Application deadline is 2 weeks prior to the first class.

Frequently Asked Questions about On-Line Learning

  • Can I complete a degree at Eden on-line? No. Up to three on-line classes can be transferred into an Eden degree program.  

  • Can my credit non-degree on-line classes transfer into a degree program? Yes. Up to four credit non-degree courses (12 credits) can be transferred into a degree program. Three of those courses ( 9 credits) can be on-line courses.

  • Are there scholarships available for on-line classes? Scholarships are available only for students in degree programs.

  • What is the cost of an on-line class? The tuition in Spring 2010 for a credit non-degree course is $1,230. Half of the tuition is due at the time of registration. Half of the tuition is due on the drop date, approximately three weeks after the beginning of the course.

  • What is involved in an on-line course at Eden? There will be lectures, threaded discussions with required participation as well as papers and assignments.

  • Must on-line students come to Eden campus at some point during the course? No on-campus time is required or needed.

  • What is the frequency of lectures presented on-line? Three lectures will be added on-line each week. These lectures will remain on the site throughout the duration of the course.

  • How do I purchase textbooks? Required textbooks will be noted in the course syllabus. Textbooks can be purchased and sent to you through the Eden Bookstore.