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Admissions Process

Admissions Process

Paper copies of Eden's applications and reference forms may be accessed here or by contacting our Admissions Office.

The application may also be completed and submitted online or you have the option of printing the application and completing it offline. 

In addition to submitting your application, the following steps must be taken to complete the application process:

1.    Contact 3 references (not related to you)
       (a) Your current pastor
       (b) A professor (if you have no professor reference, you will be asked to complete a proctored
            academic essay and provide an additional reference of your choice)
       (c) A second pastor or professor

2.     Request transcripts from all of the colleges and universities you have attended
        Transcripts must be sent directly to Eden from each college/university
                  Eden Theological Seminary
                  475 East Lockwood Ave.
                  St. Louis, MO  63119

3.    Complete your admission essay
       You may use any format to answer the questions. Answer all 6 questions.
       In the question pertaining to challenging/significant books you have read, do not
       include the Bible as one of your choices. Include information regarding your leadership
       and international experiences.

4.    Email or call the admissions office with any questions.

5.     When your application is complete, the admissions office will call you to set up a time
         for an admission interview.     

For more information, please contact:

    Office of Admissions
    Eden Theological Seminary
    475 East Lockwood Avenue
    Saint Louis, MO 63119

    Phone: 314-918-2501
    Fax: 314-918-2640
    Toll-Free: 877-627-5652