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Carole Barner
Carole Barner
Received her Master of Divinity Degree

Carole, a wife and mother of two girls, commuted from her home in Hartsburg, Missouri as she pursued her M.Div. degree.


“My call has been taking shape throughout my life, particularly through my love of music and my participation in both the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church. In packing for a recent move, I actually found a letter from the Eden Director of Admissions dated back in 1982! As a commuter, wife and mother of two teenage daughters, the decision to pursue my call through theological education has been complex. I appreciated the opportunity at Eden to explore slowly my options by taking a couple of classes as a credit non-degree student.

When I arrived, I was quickly impressed by the faculty. They have a passion for Christ and a passion for their areas of expertise. There is openness and room to grow theologically that encouraged me to address my questions and to move toward finding my answers. Though not an easy journey, I felt support at Eden in discerning my call and shaping that call for the future.”