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Cathy Zhang

Cathy Zhang
Recent Master of Theological Studies degree graduate

Cathy, a wife and mother of one son, age 11, came from Nanjing, China, where she works as a teacher in Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, as she pursued her MTS degree.


"I am grateful to Eden for shaping my call for the future."

“I strongly felt my call of being a seminary teacher in China when I was at Eden. Before then I was working as an interpreter for China Christian Council and not sure where I could mostly devote myself. I enjoyed the passionate and knowledgeable faculty and I am grateful to the loving and caring community of Eden. I appreciate the openness in academic and theological areas. I learned to respect others who hold different theological ideas and to think theologically when reading any books. My professors helped remind me of my Chinese roots so that I can think and read from a Chinese perspective without criticism, instead of taking in all the western ideas. The theological and pedagogical training at Eden has strongly supported me in my work at Nanjing Seminary, where I can better help my students who are going to be the pastors, researchers or teachers in other churches and seminaries. I am grateful to Eden for shaping my call for the future.”