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Clint Spivey
Clint Spivey
Received his Master of Divinity Degree


At an early age, Clint Spivey was asking questions about God and the universe. “I always had this sense of something greater than myself, and it became a focal point for me. I’d ask my dad and mom really abstract questions — what’s beyond the universe? — and they’d answer as best they could. Like when I asked my mom where babies came from and my mom said, ‘It’s something you want and pray about and God lets it happen’ — which I knew was a fishy answer even at age four!”

"From pastoral care to preaching, I have a confidence… that is due to my education at Eden."

These questions led Clint to study science at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, and finally brought him to seminary. “I like to know how things work, whether it’s God or a toaster oven! In college I majored in geology and was fascinated with everything that I learned about the earth. Seminary too, was fascinating and exciting. I encountered many new belief systems at Eden that challenged my ways of thinking. For me, the deciding factor was how much I felt the profs cared for me. Once I felt safe within those relationships, I felt more comfortable conversing with different ideas about God and Christianity. As I begin my first full-time call to ministry, I see how Eden wonderfully prepared me for the tasks of Christian ministry. From pastoral care to preaching, I have a confidence and ability that is due in no small part to my education at Eden.”