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Course Description

Seminar Courses

MAPS151 - MAPS Seminar A
Taken during the first fall semester, this course introduces students to the MAPS program. The student will develop skills in theological reflection that is integrative of ministry setting and classroom settings, including biblical, historical and ethical perspectives and inclusive of issues related to ecclesiology, spiritual formation and multi-cultural concerns.

MAPS152 - MAPS Seminar B

MAPS153 - MAPS Seminar C
MAPS C is the third in a series of courses designed for students in the Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies. MAPS C is designed to assist students in continuing the process of integration and to finalize the development of a project proposal. The proposal, when passed, will become the focus of work for the following semester. As with all MAPS Seminars, central to the course is the ongoing development and integration of critical thinking and theological reflection around course work and practical experience.

MTS151 - MTS Seminar I

MTS161 - MTS Seminar II
This MTS Seminar continues the work of MTS Seminar I by aiming the discussions of method and research at the goal of producing a Thesis Proposal that will be presented to the Masters Committee for approval.