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There is not just one road which leads to Eden Theological Seminary.

Eden is a place where the life journeys of a diverse group of faithful people
intersect to study and experience the unfolding of God’s calling in your life.

Maybe you feel like
Julie or Rebecca  -  never experiencing that place
in the working world where your strengths were utilized and you felt fulfilled.

Maybe you identify with
Mark or Cornelius  -  where  this season of life has
you standing before a door of opportunity that can no longer be ignored.

Maybe you are like
Lynn  -  who was ready to take the next step in her
spiritual journey, a step to tie together the pieces of all that she valued.

The gentle nudge of exploration may come from a friend or a family member,
from an ad or a newsletter, from a pastor or a professor. There is no one way.

We hope the Explore Scholarship will help you acknowledge and act upon that nudge.

The Explore Scholarship is awarded to students beginning a Master of Divinity degree
at Eden Theological Seminary. To be eligible for the Explore Scholarship a student must
be a member of a Christian congregation, enrolled at Eden full-time (9 credits or more)
and participate in Eden’s Contextual Education program. This full-tuition scholarship is for
the first year of study only.

For more information on how to make the best use of your gifts, please contact 
Carol Shanks, Director of Admissions, at 877-627-5652  or cshanks@eden.edu