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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Eden Theological Seminary is committed to helping students find financial resources to make theological education possible. There are a number of grants and scholarships available to students. Below you will find outlined several financial aid options.

Explore Scholarships
The Explore Scholarship is awarded to students beginning the Master of Divinity degree in the fall 2013 semester, who are members of a Christian congregation, full-time students (9 credits or more) and enrolled in Contextual Education. This full tuition scholarship is for the first year of study only. 

Transformational Leadership Scholarships
The Transformational Leadership Scholarship is awarded to second and third year Master of Divinity degree students who are members of a church, full-time students (9 credits or more) and enrolled in Contextual Education.

Denominational Scholarships
Many denominations provide scholarships for their members preparing for ordained ministry. Students will want to connect with their pastor, as well as with their denominational offices, to discern which grants and scholarships are available to them.

Federal Student Loans
Many seminarians make use of federal student loans to subsidize their education. Students should begin by completing a FAFSA form at www.fafsa.ed.gov and sending it to Eden. 

 For further information regarding financial aid, please contact Caron Strother at cstrother@eden.edu.