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Courses in Florida

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Eden Florida Courses

In order to meet the growing need for degree and non-degree seminary education in Florida, Eden Theological Seminary now offers masters-level courses that are hosted in a convenient Florida location. Taught by full-time Eden faculty, the courses combine face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning.

B217 Teaching Bible and Sexuality in the Church
Instructor:  Rev. Jeff Moore

Dates:  Feb 7-8; March 21-22; April 4-5; May 2-3

This course will look inter-contextually at issues of sexuality and biblical interpretation, including many texts that have been especially challenging for rich community life and a holistic understanding of human sexuality.  We will examine texts and traditions, the history of interpretation, and the effects of these texts and their interpretations on the life of the church today.  Students will be encouraged to work to develop a sense of the meaning and import of various biblical ideas relating to human to sexuality and to design strategies and encounter resources to help facilitate faithful inquiry, open discourse, and safe conversations with other people in the life of the church.

This course is open to lay, ordained, and ministerial track candidates. Non-degree students may take the course for credit or as an auditor.  The cost to take the course for credit is $1485.  Auditors pay $350.

Students who have taken courses with Eden Seminary in the past can register by contacting Registrar Michelle Wobbe at mwobbe@eden.edu.  Registration begins on Monday, November 4, 2013.

Students not previously enrolled at Eden will need apply for admission. For more information please contact Carol Shanks, Director of Admissions, at 314-918-2501 or cshanks@eden.edu