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Frank LeBlanc
Frank LeBlanc
Received his Master of Divinity Degree


Frank is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He began his studies at Eden after 20 years practicing and teaching law.

“It was in the warm and intimate environment of my local Presbyterian Church that I came to revisit a call to ministry that I had pursued but abandoned years earlier. As my involvement in the life of the church deepened, I realized that the call had never left. That’s when I decided to pursue my Master of Divinity Degree at Eden.

“Eden is a ‘School of the Church’ in the broadest sense. Eden’s Ecumenical Scholarship paid a portion of my tuition, enabling me to study without incurring heavy debt. I am impressed that Eden, an institution of the United Church of Christ, provides such a level of financial support to students like me. Even though I studied to serve as a pastor of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) - where the UCC will not benefit directly – Eden’s focus is on the Church Universal. The Eden community and those who support it know that the work students do while they are at Eden - and after they graduate - is not in service of a particular tradition or denomination, but of the reign of God that Jesus proclaimed.”