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Credit Non-Degree Students

Credit Non-Degree Students

Students who wish to study without pursuing a degree may take classes at Eden as either a credit non-degree student or by auditing a class.

Credit non-degree
Credit non-degree students take a course for academic credit, which is accepted at Eden and other Association of Theological Schools (ATS) schools.

Application process:
Since graduate-level credit is being earned and given, the credit non-degree admission requirements and application process and fee are virtually identical with the Masters programs, however, the application form is shorter, requiring only a statement of the reason for applying to the program and providing only one reference.

Deadline for application
Two weeks prior to the start of the semester in which you wish to study. Credit non-degree students must fill out an application for admission and pay the application fee


    Tuition: CND tuition is charge by the credit hour. Cost for the 2014-2015 academic year is $1,485 per three-hour course.

    Fees: CND students pay a one-time $40 application fee. An application fee is not charged again if the student then applies for degree study.

    Student fee: $30.00 per semester

    Books: As required by the professor

For more information, please contact:

    Office of Admissions
    Eden Theological Seminary
    475 East Lockwood Avenue
    Saint Louis, MO 63119

    Phone: 314-918-2501
    Fax: 314-918-2640
    Toll-Free: 877-627-5652