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Master of Divinity Criteria

Master of Divinity Criteria

A qualified applicant to Eden’s Master of Divinity degree program will demonstrate:

• That he/she is a person of faith through involvement in a church community where one regularly worships and participates in the life and mission of the congregation; and through other involvement and activities in the wider Church, ecumenical and inter-faith groups, and/or community and service organizations.

• That he/she has the capacity to undertake the academic work demanded in Eden’s M. Div program. Normally the capacity to meet the academic demands of the M.Div. degree program is demonstrated by an undergraduate degree completed with a 2.7 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) which prepares one for critical and integrative thought. A liberal arts degree program is preferred (one that stresses English, literature, philosophy, religion, etc.).

• That he/she has the ability to listen to others, show sensitivity to the needs of others; and the ability to move beyond one’s own wants and needs; self-awareness and the ability to identify personal gifts and limitations; the ability to participate in community and the potential to give leadership to groups and nurture community.

• That he/she has an emerging sense of call to ministry through a process of sustained reflection about personal gifts and vocational options. A call to ministry is understood by Eden to be a personal sense of call that is affirmed and nurtured by a community of faith that recognizes one as gifted for ministry.

• That he/she has a sense of openness: in examining what one believes and in exploring new perspective and ideas; in respecting persons whose points of view are significantly different from one’s own and engaging such persons as a way to grow; in living with ambiguity even as one forms clear opinions and develops well-though ideas.