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SD Press Education Center

S.D. Press Education Center

Worship of God stands at the center of Eden’s life and purpose. Chapel is held every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10am. The Eucharist is celebrated every Thursday.

Faculty, students and staff share in conducting services open to the entire Eden community. The Eden chapel is located on the second floor of the S.D. Press Education Center, at the northern end of the Wiese Quadrangle.


Every Eden classroom is equipped with voice, video and data ports, enabling faculty to offer students high-speed Internet access as well as closed-circuit video distribution and satellite downlink capacity.


Boeke Center
On the main floor of the S.D. Press Education Center is the Boeke Center, a central common gathering place that provides students with comfortable seating for studying or conversing, as well as a kitchen complete with a refrigerator, coffee service and vending machines.

The Boeke Center also contains all of the student mailboxes. It is an ideal place for students to relax and take a break.



McCarthy Room
In the heart of the Luhr Reading Room is the McCarthy Room, ideal for meetings and discussion groups. The McCarthy room includes some of Eden’s most beautiful stained glass — a depiction of the Martin Luther heresy trial.




Many of the academic and administrative offices of Eden are located in the S.D. Press Education Center.

    First Floor
    President’s Office
    Admissions Office
    Advancement Offices
    Accounts Receivable
    Communications Office
    Luhr Reading Room

    Second Floor
    Dean’s Office
    Faculty Offices
    Contextual Education Office