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Transfer Students
Transfer Students

To transfer to Eden from another theological seminary, you must:
Apply for admission through the normal process
Forward a transcript of theological studies at your current school to Eden
• Attend Eden for one year (an equivalent of 27 academic hours and 2 units of contextual education for M.Div.) to be eligible for an Eden degree.

Early in the admissions process, the Office of Admissions will gladly assist you in determining how you can complete an M.Div. or other degree at Eden.

View downloadable application and reference forms
Request admissions information

Inquiries and all other matters concerning admission to Eden Theological Seminary should be directed to:

    Office of Admissions
    Eden Theological Seminary
    475 East Lockwood Avenue
    St. Louis, MO  63119

    Phone: 314-918-2501
    Fax: 314-918-2640
    Toll-Free: 877-627-5652
    e-mail: admissions@eden.edu