When you stop and look around in almost any town, community, city or even country in the world, you see the influence of the Christian church. Not just in congregations but in hospitals, nursing homes, children’s facilities, educational institutions and outreach ministries of many sorts. The church makes its mark every day.

But the church also is flawed. The church that is frequently disappoints us. Often it fails to be open and responsive to human need, hope and joy.

At Eden, we love the church. We love the church that will be—a church that is more faithful, more just, more open. But also—and this is very important—we love the church that is. For us, the only way to get to the church we hope will be is in day-by-day, faithful service in the church that is.

When you study at Eden, you get to know the church that is, with all its foibles and its miraculous moments of grace. You also get to dream about the church that will be. Join us in a journey of learning, serving and dreaming.

Our courses, our contextual education, our faculty and our common life are undoubtedly great opportunities for deepening your faith and learning about the church—both as it is and as we pray it will be.

David M. Greenhaw

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