You may already know that Eden Theological seminary is an extraordinary place. As a community of learning and faith and a center for the progressive Christian movement in the United States, Eden strengthens the life of the church by educating women and men for ministry, enlivening critical reflection of faith, and supporting bold Christian discipleship.

Eden is proud to be a seminary of the United Church of Christ, and that heritage is an important part of Eden's identity, but we also do much more than educating just UCC students. As an ecumenical center for theological education, more than 20 different Christian denominations are represented in Eden’s student body. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and situations from the US and around the globe.  Among all that diversity, however, is a singular and common purpose – to answer God’s call to ministry.

It is a tremendous privilege to see Eden’s dedicated faculty teach these men and women how best to serve the church that we love so deeply. When they leave here, most alumni will go into the ministry to be our pastors and teachers. They will baptize and lead our children, comfort us through times of sorrow, and rejoice with us in times of great celebration.   Others will take leadership roles within churches and help congregations and denominations work through the problems they face. Still others will continue their education with the goal of teaching others as they were taught.

We are grateful for the generous support of churches, organizations, and people that sustains Eden and the important programs here. Many of our donors have never attended a seminary class, but most have benefited from excellent pastoral leadership in a church (and often from an Eden alumni). Our donors support theological education because they are inspired by the potential of our students and understand that their support is crucial to the future of the church.

We know that many causes and organizations ask for, and are worthy of your support. We hope that after you explore this webpage you too will be looking toward the future and feel inspired to make a gift to help fulfill God’s promise in our world.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions, need assistance, or simply want to reconnect.

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