Mission & Purpose

Mission & Purpose

Eden Theological Seminary is a graduate school preparing women and men for ordained Christian ministry. One of the six seminaries of the United Church of Christ, Eden is a community that seeks God’s justice and peace in the world. Eden is welcoming, inclusive and ecumenically diverse. 

Mission Statement

Eden Theological Seminary is called to strengthen the life of the church by educating women and men for ministry, enlivening critical reflection on faith, and supporting bold Christian discipleship. 


From its founding, Eden Theological Seminary has been both denominationally related and committed to an ecumenical witness. Eden is denominationally related to the United Church of Christ. It is deeply committed to working ecumenically with other denominations that form a progressive Christian movement.

  • The progressive Christian movement’s longstanding practice of critical reflection on faith has reinterpreted tenets and traditions of the church in more just and fitting ways for changing times. Its commitment to justice has made it a powerful force for social change. Its irenic spirit has led to an openness to diverse religions and cultures.
  • A vital progressive movement has a potent Christian witness to make in the 21st Century. Decline among the denominations in this movement makes attention to its vitality urgent.
  • Education has been essential to the movement’s vitality. An educated leadership, both lay and ordained, can make all the difference. The more that are educated, the stronger the witness and work.
  • Eden Seminary is one of six theological schools of the United Church of Christ that includes Andover Newton Theological School, Chicago Theological Seminary, Pacific School of Religion, Lancaster Theological Seminary and United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.


From its roots in the Evangelical Synod of North America and through its ongoing relationship with the United Church of Christ, Eden has learned to value: the authority of the Gospel as mediated through Scripture, a personal piety that acknowledges the sovereignty of Christ, the church’s ministry of social justice, the promise of the church ecumenical and community with people of all faiths.

Non-Discrimination Policy

No student will be barred from admission on the basis of race, gender, disability or sexual orientation, and all opportunities at Eden will be open to all who are qualified according to the purposes of the Seminary.


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