Accreditation & Educational Effectiveness

Accreditation and Educational Effectiveness

Eden is a member of and is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, and the following degree programs are approved:

Master of Divinity
Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies
Master of Theological Studies
Doctor of Ministry

The Commission contact information is:

The Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools
in the United States and Canada
10 Summit Park Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275, USA. 
Telephone: 412-788-6505
Fax: 412-788-6510

Eden is an open and affirming seminary. Eden is approved by the University Senate of the United Methodist Church.

Eden is also accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  

Non-Discrimination Policy

No student will be barred from admission on the basis of race, gender, disability or sexual orientation, and all opportunities at Eden will be open to all who are qualified according to the purposes of the Seminary.

Statement of Educational Effectiveness

The ATS and NCA call for all accredited schools to post public statements of educational effectiveness. To do so Eden has assembled data from student demographics, graduation and retention rates, default rates from our graduates who participate in the Federal Student Loan Program, and various student surveys regarding satisfaction with Eden's programs and the post-graduation experience.  

Student Demographics and Diversity

A key component of the Eden educational experience is the diversity of our community of faith and learning (denominationally, racial-ethnically, and internationally). The Eden faculty is made of 10 teachers and scholars, 6 women and 4 men. One third of Eden's faculty is racial-ethnic minorities. Eden's student body is ecumenically diverse, (35 % UCC, 12 % UMC, and the remaining 53% an array of other denominations and traditions, e.g., DOC, AME, CME, MCC, Episc, PCUSA, Baptist, ELCA; Roman Catholic, Unitarian, and non-denominational*) and racial-ethnically diverse (26 % African-American*).  Eden is an Open and Affirming Seminary of the United Church of Christ.  

Eden engages in a vigorous program of international educational partnerships that currently hosts 9 students from 8 countries in our various degree programs. These students use their Eden education as a means to empower their teaching and leadership of the Church in their countries. In addition to the church in North America, dozens of Eden graduates since 2000 lead the Church in China, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Lesotho, Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Philippines, South Korea,  and the Isle of Mann.

*average based on 2012 – 2014 enrollment statistics 

Graduation/Retention Rate

As a graduate professional school, Eden challenges students with a rigorous course of study that is accountable to the expectations of various denominational bodies for formation for ministry.  As such, while Eden works hard to support students in their progress toward degree, admission is not insurance of graduation. Students must maintain a minimum GPA, pass a comprehensive Oral Examination of the goals of the curriculum, and complete 7 units of Contextual Education (evaluated by supervising ministers) in various settings of ministry. Nonetheless, Eden’s graduation and retention rates are strong. Between the years of 2009-2012 an average of 68% of students who were admitted to the MDIV program graduated in 3-4 years.

Loan Default and Placement Rates

Eden’s default rate in the Federal Loan program is low, and Eden’s program of financial literacy and counseling has been noted by the Missouri Department of Education as a model program. The low rate can be seen as one indicator that Eden’s graduates attain gainful employment post graduation. Additionally, a 2012 survey of recent graduates indicated that 85% of Eden’s graduates attained employment in professional ministry within two years of graduation.  

Annually, Eden participates in a survey of graduating students administered by the ATS.  Below you will find the results of the 2013-14 survey.  

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