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People come to a theological school — in part — because they are called to it. Somewhere along the line, they have a sense that God has plans for them that they have not yet fully realized. They come seeking to deepen their understanding of that call and experience.

So for a moment, at the center of theological education is a sense of call. Woven throughout the selections below you will find the stories of various students and graduates, as they share their experiences in hearing, understanding and responding to God’s call in their own lives.

As you read their stories, we invite you to consider God’s call in your own life — consider whether your faith journey is drawing you here — to be a part of this school of the church.

This Is Where I Need To Be

It was while painting in the art studio as an undergraduate that Rebecca Mularski received a clear message that she was to become a minister. At first, she resisted the idea since she hadn't considered going down this road before. During the next couple of years .....

Walking Through the Door

The arrival of the Explore Scholarship postcard in his mailbox opened a door for Cornelius Weaver. Being able to attend Eden Theological Seminary tuition free for the first year made it possible for him to follow the calling that was beginning to take shape.....

Inspired to Make a Difference

Hau Sian Suan is passionate about eco-justice and the ability of communities to impact climate change. A first year M.T.S. student from Myanmar, Suan hopes to combine his love of church history and his commitment to eco-justice.....

Working Toward Understanding and Change

Congratulations to Eden alum the Rev. Dr. Kirk A. Foster who has been awarded a research grant from the National Science Foundation to examine the changing socio-political landscape of urban African-American neighborhoods. Through this research, Dr. Foster will explore the changing concept of community.....

Recent Eden Graduate Accepts Appointment with a Joyful Heart

2012 Eden MTS graduate Agripa Ndatila is serving as Director of Mission and Evangelism of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, Diocese of Mpwapwa, and Coordinator of the Companion Link Relationship.

This Is the Time

Mark Crothers of Boise, Idaho was at a crossroads in his life. After the economy forced his company to downsize, he was laid off from a 10-year career and wasn't sure what his next steps would be. Mark had considered seminary off and on for many years but there always seemed to be a reason why it wasn't the right time.

When his pastor handed him a brochure about the Explore Scholarship.....

A Gentle Nudge

As a young child in the 60's, Lynn Wickberg thought she wanted to become a minister when she grew up. During a conversation with her minister, she expressed her wish, to which he replied, "That's nice, Lynn. If you're really serious, there is a nunnery in Philadelphia that you might consider." After that encounter, Lynn's life moved in other directions but always toward her natural inclinations to both care for others.....

I've Got to Do This

St. Louis native Julie Kies left her hometown twenty years ago to attend college in Colorado. After graduation she stayed, making a home and building a life in Boulder. She was an active member of a United Church of Christ congregation and, to her surprise, as the years passed.....

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