Message from the Director

Welcome to Eden Theological Seminary!

Eden is a place where women and men from over twenty different denominations gather together for rigorous academic study, intentional theological reflection and stretching faith experiences. Eden Theological Seminary is more than a graduate school; it is an open and affirming community where people wrestle with, discover and prepare to live out their call to ministry.

Eden is a community that nurtures learning through a variety of programs. The majority of our students are working toward one of the three masters degree programs which Eden has to offer. Our Doctor of Ministry program provides pastors and chaplains who have their masters degree with an opportunity for further study. 

There are also people who are not looking for an academic degree, but who are interested in learning more in our Lay Institute for Faith Exploration (LIFE) or by participating in a credit non-degree course. Whether you are twenty- something or moving into retirement, Eden encourages you to expand your horizons in our educational community of faith. You don’t have to have all the answers to come to Eden. You do need to have a thirst for knowledge and willingness to be in community with a diverse and faithful group of people. 

I look forward to talking with you and hearing what has brought you to this place in your journey. Let Eden Theological Seminary be your partner on the next leg of your journey!


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