Message from the Director

Rev. Tiffany Pittman, Director of Admissions
Master of Divinity, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond
BA in Mathematics, St. Mary's University

Are you looking for the right seminary for you?

You are not the only one! I have been an admissions director for almost a decade and have seen many people choose theological education as their next step in ministry preparation. Here are my best pieces of advice when choosing the seminary that fits you:

  1.  Choose an ATS (Association of Theological Schools) seminary. This is crucial. You need an accredited degree for many reasons. Use this site to narrow down seminaries geographically as well as by degree program. Eden was a founding member of ATS in 1938.
  2.  Choose the seminary that best fits who you are at your core being. Research your top 10 seminaries. Consider a seminary's mission statement, history and core values. Eden is over 165 years old and core values are as follows:
  3. Do these match the your personal beliefs and values? If so, add Eden to your list of seminaries to visit. You can Request Information in order to know us better. Don't be surprised to receive a call first before we send information to you via mail or email.  This is our policy. We want to get to know you first so we can answer your specific questions - not just the frequently asked questions.

  4. Choose 3-5 seminaries to visit personally. Even if you plan to take some courses through distance education, visiting a campus is the only way to see if the seminary you see on the website is the same seminary in person. Eden pays for food and lodging when people visit our campus. We also have stipends for travel.

  5. Choose a seminary you feel called to attend. I know it sounds odd, but I believe that just as you are called to ministry you are also called to theological education. A 2-3 year masters program or a 3 doctor of ministry program is not for everyone. Find a seminary that gives you everything you need to prepare you for a life in ministry. Eden strives to give our students an excellent academic challenge, practical application from our Contextual Education program, an Explore Scholarship for the M.Div program (100% tuition scholarship your first year), cohorts of students who become mentors and friends for a life-time, continued ministry resources after graduation, and a safe and open space to discover ministry from a broader point of view.

I look forward to talking with you and hearing what has brought you to this place in your journey. Let Eden Theological Seminary be your partner on the next leg of your journey!

Rev. Tiffany Pittman


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