International Students

Admission of International Students

Eden Theological Seminary is committed to a significant presence of international students. We seek to engage in theological dialogue with those who wish to pursue the demanding work of academic study in the diverse denominational and cultural setting that is Eden Theological Seminary. We wish to work in partnership with churches, denominations and seminaries to create a theological community around the world.

Scholarships and Costs

We offer a limited number of generous international scholarships. However, international students who apply need to be a member of a denomination that has a relationship with the Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ. The student must be sponsored by his or her denominational judicatory.

While we offer scholarships, it is not enough to cover all expenses, thus the need for further scholarships and personal funding.  You will need to demonstrate to Eden Theological Seminary and to the US Embassy in your country that you can cover the approximately US $25,000 - $30,000 tuition, books and living expenses per year. 

Admissions Criteria

International students will be required to meet the criteria for the degree program for which they are applying. However, admissions decisions regarding international students at Eden Seminary will be guided by the particular circumstances of each applicant and include consideration of factors such as:
  • Prior theological education
  • English language ability of the student
  • The student’s personal goals
  • Goals or expectations of any sponsoring church body or organization
  • Financial resources available to the student
  • The length of time the student may have to study at Eden
As the Recruitment and Admissions Committee weighs all factors regarding an international student’s application, it may recommend to the international student a degree program other than the one for which the student has applied.

International students are admitted only in the fall semester.
Deadline for application is November 15 for the following fall semester.

For more information, please contact:

Rev. Tiffany Pittman
Director of Admissions

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