Evangelical Professor of Biblical Interpretation

Davidson College, A.B., 1973
Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, D.Min., 1977
Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, Th.M., 1978
Duke University, Ph.D., 1985
Joined Eden Faculty, 1987

Clint’s research and writing have focused on the Psalms. A noted biblical scholar, he served as chair of the Psalms Section for the Society of Biblical Literature for ten years. His publications on the Psalms include: The Shape and Shaping of the Psalter (1993); A Theological Introduction to the Book of Psalms: The Psalms as Torah (1993); the Psalms commentary in The New Interpreter’s Bible (Vol. IV; 1996); Preaching the Psalms (2001); and annotations on the Psalms in The Access Bible, The Learning Bible, and The Westminster Discipleship Study Bible. His most recent book is Great Psalms of the Bible (2009). Clint is also the author of numerous articles and essays on the Psalms and other biblical material, and he recently served as Consulting Translator of the Psalms for a forthcoming translation of the Bible called The Common English Bible. He is also the author of Judges (2002) in the series Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching.

Clint frequently teaches beyond the Eden campus. Over the years, he has lectured or taught for church groups or academic gatherings in 26 states. During the summers of 2007-2010, he served as Resident Minister of the New Piasa Chautauqua near Grafton, IL.

Clint is especially interested in the intersection of religion and culture. His book entitled Facing the Music: Faith and Meaning in Popular Songs (1999) is an indication of this interest, and he frequently uses songs and videos in his teaching.

Clint is also committed to the importance of multicultural education. He led groups of students to Guatemala and Costa Rica in 2001, 2003, and 2005,  to Nicaragua and Costa Rica in 2008; and to El Salvador and Costa Rica in 2013. Clint continues to increase his proficiency in speaking Spanish.

“I try to instill in my students the idea that academic inquiry is a way to deepen their faith. Questions and new ideas are always a stimulus to think; and the simplest definition of theology is ‘thinking about God,’ especially about the astounding implications that the Bible portrays God as unfailingly gracious, merciful and loving on a world-encompassing scale.”

Clint’s personal philosophy that spirituality involves daily study, thinking, and writing, is expressed in his teaching: “I believe that teaching and learning is a two-way street. The Bible fascinates me. I enjoy seeing my students get excited about new things, and I enjoy it when my students help me to see new things.”

In his spare time, Clint enjoys playing and watching basketball – especially Duke and Davidson basketball – and long jumping and triple jumping in local, regional and national Senior Olympic competitions.

Clint is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA), and he served as co-pastor of three churches in North Carolina from 1978 to 1987. His wife, Sarah, is one of the pastors of Hope United Church of Christ in St. Louis; and he has three daughters – Jenny, Sarah and Annalise – and a son, Ian.

Phone: 314-918-2582
Toll Free: 877-642-5931
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