Dual Degree Program

Joint Degree Program

Master of Divinity/Master of Social Work
Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies/Master of Social Work

The Joint Degree program is designed for students to earn both a Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies degree from Eden Theological Seminary and Master of Social Work degree from George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University. The programs typically represent a four-year program of study for the M.Div. option and three-years for the MAPS option. Each degree program must be applied to separately following the admission requirements for each educational institution.


The goals for the Joint Degree programs between Eden and the George Warren Brown School of Social Work are to prepare students for ministries that combine skills and values in both Christian ministry and social work. Vocations for which degrees from both fields of study are most appropriate include:
  • Faith-based or community-based social service organizations and agencies
  • Commissioned or ordained ministries within specific denominations
  • Hospital and hospice chaplaincies; pastoral counseling and psychotherapy
  • Work in family ministries or agencies that relate to family health and welfare
  • Development of policy in ecumenical and denominational agencies nationally and/or internationally in areas of social justice such as human rights, immigration, women’s issues, child development, and community/economic development


A qualified applicant to the Joint Degree program will demonstrate:
  • That he/she is a person of faith through involvement in a local church community and in regional and ecumenical settings.
  • That he/she has the intellectual capacity to undertake graduate academic work. Normally this is demonstrated by completing an undergraduate degree with at least a 2.7 BPA (on a 4.0 scale. A liberal arts degree program is preferred, i.e. emphasis on English, literature, philosophy, religion, etc.
  • That he/she has the ability to listen to others, to show sensitivity to others, to move beyond self, to show self awareness, and to demonstrate potential to give leadership and nurture to the community.
  • That he/she has an emerging sense of call to ministry through a process of sustained reflection about gifts, limitations and vocational options. A call to ministry is understood by Eden to be a personal sense of call that is affirmed and nurtured by a community of faith that recognizes one as gifted for ministry.
  • That he/she has a sense of openness in examining what one believes and in exploring new perspectives and ideas.

Program of Study for M.Div./MSW

The combined MDiv/MSW degree program requires that students take 66 credit hours at Eden and 51 credit hours at GWB School of Social Work. In addition, some courses are shared by both institutions in order to meet requirements for each degree. Students must meet admission requirements for both graduate programs and apply separately to each school.

Required M.Div. Courses (30 credit hours)

Biblical Studies (9 hours)

  • Introduction to the Bible and Its Interpretation
  • OT Survey
  • NT Survey    

Historical and Theological Studies (9 hours)

  • Church History
  • Constructive Theology
  • Christian Ethics

Ministry Studies (12 hours)

  • Pastoral Theology and Care
  • Christian Education
  • Preaching
  • Liturgy

Contextual Education & Progressive Christian Leadership Seminar (3 years, 9 credit hours)

At least one full year will be negotiated through the School of Social Work as fulfillment of requirements for both degrees.

    Open Electives (42 hours)

    • Eden electives; 27 credit hours
    • GWB transfer; 15 credit hours
    • Attendance at a workshop on healthy relationships/boundaries in the parish is required for all students.

    Program of Study for MAPS/MSW

    The Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, combined with the MSW is a more specialized and focused degree. Students who graduate with a MAPS degree may be eligible for commissioning or ordination in specialized ministries in some denominations.

    Required MAPS Courses (54 Credit Hours)

    General Courses (15 credit hours)  

    • Introduction to the Bible and Its Interpretation
    • NT Survey
    • Church History
    • Constructive Theology
    • Denominational Polity and History (or with permission, American Church History)

    Area of Concentration in the Practice of Ministry (18 hours)

    • Courses at Eden; 6 credit hours
    • GWB Transfer; 12 credit hours

    Open Electives (12 hours)
    Students are required to take courses from any of those in Biblical Studies, Historical Studies or Theological Studies.

    Ministry Setting, MAPS Seminars and Project (9 hours)
    Placement for ministry setting will be negotiated with the School of Social Work. However, students will normally take at least two semesters of the MAPS Seminar and complete an integrative project.

    Required MSW courses for both Joint Degrees (60 credit hours total)
    • Social Work Foundation Courses - 21 credit hours
    • Practicum - 4 credit hours
    • Social Work Concentration Courses - 21 credit hours
    • Practicum - 5 credit hours
    • Eden transfer - 9 credit hours 

    Graduation Requirements

    Requirements differ according to the degree studied. Please see individual degree programs for graduation requirement information.

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