Course Auditing

Students may audit classes without receiving academic credit. Course work by auditors is not graded and is not transferable into degree programs. Enrollment as an auditor is at the discretion of the professor and according to our accrediting body, the ATS. Each professor determines the appropriate level of participation for auditors in his or her class. A limited number of auditors is allowed in any individual class.

Application process:

Auditors fill out a simple application and are not charged an application fee. An application must be submitted for each class the student wishes to audit.

      Audit Application (opens a PDF in a new browser)

  • Tuition: Auditing students pay half the cost of the class. Full tuition for a 3 credit hour course for the 2014-15 academic year is $1485 per course. The cost to audit a 3 credit hour course is $742.50.  
  • Books: As required by the professor 
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