Church Partnerships
Churches and congregations play a crucial role in the life of the church and society.  Eden Theological Seminary works in concert with churches in mutually beneficial ways, and the generous support that comes from churches sustains and preserves Eden for future generations.  

Guest Speakers  

Eden Faculty members and students are frequent guest speakers and preachers at churches and church meetings around the country.  These presentations help congregants better understand the importance of seminary while providing intellectual value to the proceedings.  

Contextual Education Placements

Students need exposure to and access to a broad range of work in parish ministry to be effective when they graduate.  Churches host students for contextual education placements that give our students invaluable experience in preaching and liturgy, pastoral care, Christian education, and church leadership and administration.  In return, the churches gain the work product and dynamic energy that our students bring to the congregations.

Theological Reflection

Eden's faculty take seriously the idea that the seminary should be an ecumenical center of learning for the progressive Christian movement.  Our professors are happy to share their theological knowledge and expertise and help sort through the intersections of social issues and religious life.

Support from Churches

Eden is grateful for the support of churches and proud to be a part of the CUE Regional Seminary Support system.  CUE brings together more than 2,000 United Church of Christ churches in support of the three Mid-America UCC Seminaries.  Some churches choose to support Eden directly while others send their support to the CUE offices for distribution to all three seminaries.  Churches that recognize the importance of theological education may allocate resources from their mission-support budget or simply conduct a special offering for the seminary.

The ecumenical nature of Eden's student body is also reflected in the honor roll of church donors.  We are honored to have the support of many different denominations that appreciate the seminary's leadership in the church community.  

Eden Seminary is one of six theological schools of the United Church of Christ that includes Andover Newton Theological School, Chicago Theological Seminary, Pacific School of Religion, Lancaster Theological Seminary and United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.

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