Endowment GIfts
Endowment gifts are invaluable to Eden Theological Seminary. The endowment is a collection of individual funds of various sizes that are invested and managed by the seminary. Eden works with the donor to establish the restrictions for how the fund may be used.  The endowment provides fiscal security and a reliable income stream to support the current programs and planned growth of the seminary and stands as a lasting tribute to the vision, values, and generosity of the donor.  
Eden encourages donations in any amount to the general endowment fund.  Endowed funds are a wonderful means to pay tribute to a reunion honor class, recently deceased relative, or significant life event.  The Seminary will also establish endowed professorships, endowed scholarships, and other endowed funds in the following ways:

Endowed Professorships

Endowed chairs are a tremendous honor for faculty members because they represent prestige and professional recognition earned from their colleagues and the community. There are currently seven endowed professorships at Eden, and the seminary is grateful for the generous supporters that established them. 

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships provide an opportunity for donors to recognize and support students that reflect their own values and experiences. Many such scholarships at Eden are intended to help students who represent donors' denominations, backgrounds, and even hometowns. Most importantly, these scholarships can make the difference in whether a student is able to pursue his or her call to ministry.

Other Endowed Funds

Eden will also establish endowments to support facilities or programs that are in the donors' and seminary's mutual interest. Examples include the Scholin Endowment for Music Education and the Bailey Travel Seminar Fund. These funds honor in perpetuity the donor, the seminary, and the students that benefit from the support.  

Establishing an Endowed Fund

If you are interested in establishing an endowed fund, please contact Sandi Lafata, Director of Development by email or telephone at (314) 918-2691.

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