Course Offerings

The classroom setting at Eden is a lively place! Professors — recognized scholars in their fields — teach with lectures, seminars, PowerPoint presentations and Internet activity. They do it in quiet classroom experience. They do it as students make presentations and preach sermons. These experiences are enriched by the people in the classrooms, the discussions and then, of course, by what goes on when you leave the classroom.

Course Schedules
Fall 2017

Students take classes in:

  • Traditional theological fields, courses in the Bible: Old Testament, New Testament
  • History of the church: history of religion in America and around the world
  • The church’s mission and its involvement in ministries of peace and justice
  • Practical fields of preaching and teaching, leading worship and pastoral care
  • Biblical languages: Greek and Hebrew
  • Ethics

Course descriptions

Description of Numbering System:
The first one/two letters are the field of study: A/B after a course number indicates the section of a multi-sectioned course.
B = Biblical Studies
HT = Historical/Theological Studies
M = Ministry Studies
100-199 = required course
200-299 = elective open to all levels
300-399 = elective open to 2nd and 3rd level only
400-490 = elective open to students who have completed 2nd level oral
500-595 = D.Min

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