SD Press Education Center

The “Press Building” is named after Rev. Dr. Samuel Press. He was the first English speaking professor at Eden Seminary and was the seminary president at the time the campus moved to Webster Groves. The Press Building is the home of faculty and staff offices as well as classrooms.

The Eden tower is 106 feet tall, a replica of the Magdalene Tower in Oxford, England. When the school was being built in the 1920’s it was intentional to copy “English” architecture instead of German (which was the roots of the seminary). When the seminary was built, water was pumped up into the tower to provide water pressure for the campus. The tower now houses a bell which is rung preceding all worship services.

Rand Rotunda
The Rand Rotunda was dedicated by the family of Milton and Jane Rand and Eden Theological Seminary, February 10, 2001, at the time of the celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary of the Rands. The naming of this space honors the Faith Commitment of the Rands and recognizes the outstanding service to and support of Eden Seminary rendered by Jane and Milton, including many years of service by Jane as a member of the Eden Board of Trustees.

Each year in December, the Eden community gathers in Rand Rotunda to join in singing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus. This event has been referred to as the highlight of the year for many in the community.

Wehrli Chapel
Worship of God stands at the center of Eden’s life and purpose. The Wehrli Chapel is named for both Rev. Dr. Allen Wehrli and Rev. Dr. Eugene Wehrli who each served as a president of Eden. Faculty, staff, and students share in conducting services open to the entire Eden community.

Luhr Reading Room
What is currently the Luhr Reading Room began as the seminary library. Then, for many years it was called the Press Reception Lounge. In 2011, it became the Luhr Reading Room where students study and research. The windows in the Luhr Reading Room are made by Emil Frye, Jr. The side windows depict academic symbols, Astronomy, Art, Literature, Religions, Science, and Music.

McCarthy Room
The McCarthy Room is in the heart of the Luhr Reading Room. It is ideal for meetings and discussion groups. The McCarthy Room contains some of the most beautiful stained glass at Eden Seminary. The back window depicts the Martin Luther heresy trial. The German phrase at the bottom of the window reads, "The righteous shall live by faith.” It was presented to Eden by the Evangelical Brotherhood of St. Louis in 1924.

Boeke Center
The Boeke Center is a central gathering place with a kitchen, refrigerator, coffee service and vending machines. Student mailboxes are located in the Boeke Center. It is an ideal place for students to gather for relaxation and taking a break in the midst of a busy day. The Boeke Center was established in memory of Charles W. Boeke by his sister Mildred C. Boeke with additional gifts from several Illinois and Missouri congregations.

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