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F. Gerrit Immink, The Touch of the Sacred: The Practice, Theology, and Tradition of Christian Worship, August 3, 2014
Immink offers thoughtful theological reflection on the religious practice of worship services in the Protestant tradition. He develops a theology of worship with a clear focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as he explores the meaning of worship, the mystery of Christ, the sacraments, prayer, and preaching.

Franklyn Schaefer, Defrocked: How A Father's Act of Love Shook the United Methodist Church, July 30, 2014
Frank Schaefer tells the story of officiating at his son's same-sex marriage and, six years later, his subsequent trial by a United Methodist court. That trial stripped Schaefer of his ordination after more than 20 years of ministry in the nation's largest mainline Protestant denomination.

David Keck, Healthy Churches, Faithful Pastors: Covenant Expectations for Thriving Together, June 18, 2014
Congregations want to support their pastors, but don’t know how. Pastors love their congregations, but they don’t know what to ask of their congregations to garner needed support. Everyone wants to thrive together, but so often we get stuck. This clear and engaging guide helps pastors and congregations bridge communication gaps and set mutual goals and expectations.

Molly Phinney Baskette, Real Good Church: How Our Church Came Back from the Dead, and Yours Can, Too, June 16, 2014
Real Good Church offers a look at everything First Church Somerville UCC, a progressive Christian church, did to reverse their death spiral and become the healthy, stable, spirited and robust community it is today.  The strategies they used can work in any church, in any setting: regardless of denomination, demographics, or political landscape.

Mark Achtemeier, The Bible's Yes to Same-Sex Marriage: An Evangelical's Change of Heart, June 13, 2014
In the early 2000's, Mark Achtemeier embarked on a personal journey with the Bible that led him from being a conservative, evangelical opponent of gay rights to an outspoken activist for gay marriage and a fully inclusive church. In this book, Achtemeier shares what led to his change of heart: the problems with excluding groups of people and the insights into the Bible's message that led him to recognize the fullness of God's love and support for LGBT persons.

Jim Wallis, The (Un)Common Good: How the Gospel Brings Hope to a World Divided, June 3, 2014
In this book, Wallis shows us how to reclaim Jesus's ancient and compelling vision of the common good--a vision that impacts and inspires not only our politics but also our personal lives, families, churches, neighborhoods, and world.

Naomi Schaefer Riley, Got Religion?: How Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues Can Bring Young People Back, May 20, 2014
Why are young people dropping out of religious institutions? Can anything be done to reverse the trend? In this book, Riley examines the reasons for the defection, why we should care, and how some communities are successfully addressing the problem.


Marcus J. Borg, Convictions: How I Learned What Matters Most, May 20, 2014
Reflecting on what matters most, both for the church and for Americans, leading biblical scholar and premiere teacher for Protestant churches, Marcus Borg surveys the most significant conversations and personalities that shaped his life, and presents his convictions about the faith and its role in the twenty-first century.


John Philip Newell, The Rebirthing of God: Christianity’s Struggle for New Beginnings, May 1, 2014
In the midst of dramatic changes in Western Christianity, internationally respected spiritual leader, peacemaker and scholar John Philip Newell offers the hope of a fresh stirring of the Spirit among us. He invites us to be part of a new holy birth of sacred living. Speaking directly to the heart of Christians—those within the well-defined bounds of Christian practice and those on the disenchanted edges—as well as to the faithful and seekers of other traditions, he explores eight major features of a new birthing of Christianity.

Verlee A. Copeland & Dale B. Rosenberger, Sex and the Spirit: The Romance of Heaven and Earth, April 30, 2014
Sex is not sin, this book gladly reports, in contrast to the church’s darker messages across the ages. But contrary to the constant bombardment of pop culture, sex is not our salvation either.  A happy medium exists between sexuality and spirituality. This book offers a frank conversation between two ministers about sex and the spirit.

Amy Gopp, Help and Hope: Disaster Preparedness and Response Tools for Congregations, April 30, 2014
Whether the disaster is natural or created by humans, churches respond by providing sanctuary, hope, and practical aid. Pulled from accounts of lay persons and "pastors in disasters," this book provides practical applications for nonprofessionals and volunteers from faith communities who want to help prepare for and respond to disasters.

Barbara Brown Taylor, Learning to Walk in the Dark, April 8, 2014
Taylor has become increasingly uncomfortable with our tendency to associate all that is good with lightness and all that is evil and dangerous with darkness. Doesn’t God work in the nighttime as well? In Learning to Walk in the Dark, Taylor asks us to put aside our fears and anxieties and to explore all that God has to teach us “in the dark.”

Desmond Tutu & Mpho Tutu, The Book of Forgiving: The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World, March 18, 2014
Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter, the Reverend Mpho Tutu, offer a manual on the art of forgiveness—helping us to realize that we are all capable of healing and transformation.  Each of us has a deep need to forgive and to be forgiven. After much reflection on the process of forgiveness, Tutu has seen that there are four important steps to healing.

Jay Emerson Johnson, Peculiar Faith: Queer Theology for Christian Witness, March 10, 2014
Residing at the intersection of constructive theology and critical social theory, this book provides a resource for both students and clergy to reinterpret Christian theology and re-imagine Christian faith in the twenty-first century. The author seeks to encourage and equip Christian faith communities to move beyond the decades-long stalemate over human sexuality and gender identity.

Gary A. Haugen & Victor Boutros, The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence, February 4, 2014
Beneath the surface of the world's poorest communities, common violence -- like rape, forced labor, illegal detention, land theft, police abuse and other brutality -- has become routine and relentless. And like a horde of locusts devouring everything in their path, the unchecked plague of violence ruins lives, blocks the road out of poverty, and undercuts development. Haugen and Boutros offer a searing account of how we got here -- and what it will take to end the plague.

Clint Schnekloth, Mediating Faith: Faith Formation in a Trans-Media Era, February 1, 2014
Media is raising questions and placing demands on communities of faith in ways that could not have been imagined just 20 years ago. In this book, church leaders will find Clint Schnekloth an engaging and insightful guide to this new and sometimes wondrous world. In doing so he offers an evaluation and theological response to the trans-media era that highlights its potential to transform our work and world.

Elaine A. Heath & Larry Duggins, Missional. Monastic. Mainline.: A Guide to Starting Missional Micro-Communities in Historically Mainline Traditions, January 30, 2014
This volume provides both the theoretical foundations and practical guidance for developing new monastic and missional communities in contexts that are theologically progressive, racially and economically diverse, and multicultural. This book contains the wisdom and perspectives of people who live and serve in missional, new monastic communities in United Methodist and other mainline traditions.

M. Daniel Carroll R., Christians at the Border: Immigration, the Church, and the Bible, January 15, 2014
Immigration is one of the most pressing issues on the national agenda. In this accessible book, an internationally recognized immigration expert helps readers think biblically about this divisive issue, offering accessible, nuanced, and sympathetic guidance for the church. As both a Guatemalan and an American, the author is able to empathize with both sides of the struggle and argues that each side has much to learn.

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