Historical and Theological Studies: Required Courses

Historical / Theological Studies Required Courses
HT120 Theology and the Practices of Ministry (first offered Fall 2008)
This course is an introduction to theology through perspectives of the life and practices of the church and its witness in the world.  The aim of this course is to broaden our understanding about the ways of doing and teaching theology through various practices of ministry.  Diverse contexts and ethnic perspectives will be examined.  Students will reflect theologically on issues that impact parish life and draw upon the methods of congregational study and practical theology to develop a working theology of a parish.  These methods will also be utilized to develop practices of transformative ministry that equip persons for Christian vocation.

HT121 Theology of Mission and Church (through Fall 2007)
The purpose of this course is to provide foundational elements for ministerial study at Eden Theological Seminary. This course will provide students with an understanding of what is meant by “thinking theologically” which will help students in their ability to theological arguments. This course will give students a basic understanding of “mission” and an awareness of contemporary discussion regarding the theology and practice of mission. This course will also provide the student with a basic understanding of the nature and purpose of the church, including its role in God’s mission.

HT122 Church History and Doctrine I
This course surveys church history and doctrine from Christian origins through the present era, focusing on the Western church. The course focuses on the basics of church history, the developments of doctrine, and a critical, historical understanding of the church and its mission within the larger social context.

HT123 Church History and Doctrine II
This course is designed to provide students with (1) a basic foundation in Western theological history, organized around traditional topics; and (2) organizing concepts, appropriate to each theological topic, that can help students evaluate theologies both past and present. As such, this course forms the bridge from Church History and Doctrine I to Constructive Theology.

HT124 Constructive Theology
The purpose of this course is to help the student to develop critical tools for evaluating constructing, and articulating theology. In the first portion of the course, we will look at how theology is constructed. In the second part of the course, we will focus central doctrines that are building blocks for theological construction. The third portion of the course will look at three traditional frameworks to demonstrate theological construction in recent Christian history.

HT125 Christian Ethics
This course is a study in the development of Christian ethics with emphasis upon the ways in which the decision-making process of the church is shaped both by theology and by human and social sciences.

HT126 Religion in America
The purpose of this course is to strengthen the student’s future ministry through learning about the historical, theological and sociological context of American religion, especially Christianity. Focus of the course will be on what is meant by American civil religion, the history of the church in this country, theological tradition of American Christianity and sociological trends in American religion that are likely to shape ministry in this setting.




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