Distance Education Opportunities

Distance Education Opportunities

The following courses are offered as synchronous distance courses. Taught by full-time or adjunct Eden faculty, the courses combine face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning.

Students must have tele-conference capability including a webcam.

These courses are open to lay, ordained, and ministerial track candidates. For further information, please contact Tiffany Pittman, Director of Admissions, at 314-918-2501 or tpittman@eden.edu.

September 6 - December 12

HT102B Ethics and Christian Faith
Professor Ben Sanders
Monday; 6:00 - 9:00pm

What is the relationship between Christian faith and moral and ethical reflection? How do Christians formulate opinions on what is good, evil, just, or unjust? This class seeks to answer these questions by surveying philosophical, theological, and social views on ethics. Through this work, students will gain familiarity with the nature of ethics as a field of inquiry, examine the nature of their own theo-ethical frameworks, and develop the ability to think critically about the moral and ethical frameworks that make up the church and society more broadly.

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