Library of Congress Classifications

Where to find books on religion and theology

All circulating books are shelved using the Library of Congress (LC) classification numbers.

LC classifications for subjects in religion and theology.

BJ Ethics

BL Religion in General

BM Judaism

BP Islam, Bahai, Theosophy, New Age Religion

BQ Buddhism

BR Christianity

BR60-67—Early Christian Literature, Patristics

BR115—Christianity in relation to special subjects



BS Bible

BS11-115—Early versions

BS125-198—Modern English versions

BS410-680—Works about the Bible

BS491.3—Commentaries covering the whole Bible
BS500-534.8—Criticism and interpretation
BS546-558—Bible stories
BS569-580—Men, women, children of the Bible
BS580—Individual Old Testament Characters
BS585-613—Study and teaching
BS650-667—Bible and science
BS670-672—Bible and social sciences
BS701-1830—Old Testament
BS705-815—Early versions
BS825-1013—Modern texts and versions
BS1091-1099—Selections, quotations
BS1110-1199—Works about the Old Testament
BS1160-1191.5—Criticism and Interpretation
BS1200-1830—Special parts of the Old Testament Includes commentaries on individual books of the Bible, shelved in canonical order
BS1901-2970—New Testament
BS1937-2020—Early texts and versions
BS2025-2213—Modern texts and versions
BS2260-2269—Selections, quotations
BS2280-2545—Works about the New Testament
BS2350-2393—Criticism and interpretation
BS2415-2417—The teachings of Jesus
BS2430-2520—Men, women and children of the NT
BS2525-2544—Study and teaching
BS2547-2970—Special parts of the New Testament—Includes commentaries on individual books of the Bible, shelved in canonical order

BT Doctrinal theology

BT19-37—Doctrine and dogma
BT95-97.2—Divine law, moral government

BT 98-180—God
BT109-115—Doctrine of the Trinity
BT117-123—Holy Spirit
BT130-153—Divine attributes

BT 198-590—Christology
BT595-680—Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ
BT899-940—Future state, future life
BT960-985—Invisible world (saints, demons, etc.)
BT990-1010—Creeds, confessions, covenants, etc.
BT1313-1480—History of specific doctrines and 
movements including heresies and schisms

BV Practical theology

BV5-530—Worship and liturgy, including text-only versions of denominational hymnals

BV590-1652—Ecclesiastical theology

BV4000-4470—Pastoral theology

BV4200-4317—Preaching, homiletics

BV4485-5099—Practical religion, the Christian life

BX Christian Denominations

Including official denominational liturgies and books of worship

BX1-9.5—Church unity, ecumenical movement

BX100-189—Eastern and Oriental churches
BX200-756—Orthodox Eastern Church
BX800-4795—Catholic Church


BX4929-4951—Post-Reformation (Anabaptists)
BX5001-5009—Anglican Communion
BX5800-6093—Episcopal Church

BX6101-9999—Other Protestant denominations shelved in alphabetical order

DS1-DS519 History of the Holy Land and Middle East           

E186-E999  American History

F1-F999  U.S. Local History

M215-M2199  Music, including hymnals

PA    Latin and Greek Language and Literature

PJ   Hebrew and other Oriental Languages and Literature

Z1001-Z8999   Bibliographies

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