Certificate Courses

The 15 Certificate Courses* are:

Cycle A:     

  •     Reading and Understanding Scripture: New Testament
  •     What is the Church and what is its Purpose?
  •     God in Scripture (Biblical Theology)
  •     Shaping Faithful Worship (Worship and Sacraments)
  •     The Church Is a Learning Community (Christian Education)

Cycle B: 

  •     How Do We Live Our Faith? (Christian Ethics)
  •     Confronting Reality:  Life and Faith (Justice and Witness)
  •     Exploring the UCC  (UCC history and polity)
  •     Proclaiming the Good News (Preaching)
  •     Caring in Community  (Pastoral Care)

Cycle C: 

  •     Telling and Living the Story (Evangelism)
  •      Christianity in America (Church History)
  •      On the Road to Discipleship
  •      Exploring the Presence of God (Thinking Theologically)
  •      Reading and Understanding Scripture: Old Testament


*The order of the courses in each cycle is subject to change due to faculty availability. The courses do not change in each Cycle (Academic Calendar Year) but the order might. 


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