Certificate Courses

The 15 Certificate Courses are:

  •     On the Road to Discipleship
  •     Exploring the Presence of God (Thinking Theologically)
  •     Reading and Understanding Scripture: Old Testament
  •     Reading and Understanding Scripture: New Testament
  •     What is the Church and what is its Purpose?
  •     God in Scripture (Biblical Theology)
  •     Shaping Faithful Worship (Worship and Sacraments)
  •     The Church Is a Learning Community (Christian Education)
  •     How Do We Live Our Faith? (Christian Ethics)
  •     Confronting Reality:  Life and Faith (Justice and Witness)
  •     Exploring the UCC  (UCC history and polity)
  •     Proclaiming the Good News (Preaching)
  •     Caring in Community  (Pastoral Care)
  •     Telling and Living the Story (Evangelism)
  •     Christianity in America (Church History)
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