Retreat Calendar

2016-2017 Retreats

September 16-17, 2016
Certificate: Reading and Understanding Scripture, NT, Rev. Dr. Deborah Krause
Elective: Welcoming the LGBTQ Community to Your Church,  Dr. Jill Baker

November 11-12, 2016
Certificate & Elective: Ecclesiology,"Faith Facing the Racial Divide,"  Rev. Geoffrey Black, 

January 13-14, 2017
Certificate: God Revealed in Scripture: Biblical Theology, Rev. Dr. J. Clinton McCann
Elective: In Our Midst: Ministry to those struggling with addiction," Rev. Peter Maffly-Kipp.

February 17-18, 2017
Certificate: Shaping Faithful Worship: Worship and Sacrament, Rev. Dr. Christopher Grundy

April 7-8, 2017
Certificate: The Church is a Learning Community: Christian Education, Dr. Mai-Anh Le Tran

What is the schedule at a retreat?

    Friday evening         5:00pm Registration
        6:00pm Dinner
        7:00pm Worship
        7:30pm Session 1 of each course
        9:00pm Fellowship

        7:15am Coffee/Tea ready
        7:30am Bible study
        8:00am Breakfast
        8:45am Session 2 of each course
        10:15am         Break
        10:30am         Session 3 of each course
        12:00pm         Lunch
        12:00pm         Seminary Bookstore is open until 1pm
        1:00pm Session 4 of each course
        2:30pm Closing Worship
        3:10pm Adjournment

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