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Churches and cemeteries related to the United Church of Christ in St. Louis City and County

Brief Historical Guide to United Church of Christ and Related Congregations in St. Louis City and County(534 kb)

Guide to cemeteries of the Evangelical Synod and Related Churches in St. Louis City and County (240 kb)


Exhibits from the Eden Theological Seminary Archives

"The Stones Cry Out: Congregations of the Evangelical Synod of North America in the City of St. Louis, 1834-2005" (920 kb)


"Witness in the County: The German Evangelical Legacy in Saint Louis County, 1838-1957" (download in three parts)

Part 1: Introduction, German Evangelical Church Society of the West, Pioneer Congregations, Rural Congregations, The Parochial School  (4.3 mb)

Part 2: Early Suburban Congregations, The Language Question (3 mb)

Part 3: Post-War Suburbia, From City to Suburbs (4.6 mb)


"Image of Eden: Photographs From the Eden Theological Seminary Archives" (download in three parts)

Part 1 (6.7 mb)

Part 2 (6.6 mb)

Part 3 (5.4 mb)


"Pietist & Pioneer: Ludwig Eduard Nollau, 1810-1869" (3.1 mb)


"Set Apart to Serve: Evangelical deaconesses in St. Louis, 1889-2005" (1.7 mb)


United Church of Christ History


Origins of the United Church of Christ Chart

This chart was created by Carl E. Schneider (1890-1981), Professor of Church History and founder of the Archives at Eden Theological Seminary, and originally published by Eden Publishing House in 1966.

Copyright notice
"Origins of the United Church of Christ" is copyright © 1966 Eden Publishing House. Permission is granted to download, print and distribute the chart for educational and informational purposes only. Reproducing the document electronically or in print with the intent to sell is prohibited without prior permission from the copyright holder.

Download chart in color (120kb)

Download chart in black & white (92 kb)


United Church of Christ educational institutions

Bibliography of histories of UCC-related schools (132 kb)
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