CE Placements

CE Placements

Community Learning Placement (CLP): First-year placement in social justice agencies, non-profits, health care settings and more. Students can choose from urban, suburban and rural opportunities.  

**Students must complete the Boundary Training Workshop, “Creating Healthy Relationships in Ministry,” as new Eden students.  Boundary training is from 9am-3pm and offered at Eden twice per year in the first week of the Fall and Spring Semester.**

Congregational/church Placements
:  Churches provide our students with valuable experience in preaching and liturgy, pastoral care, Christian education, and church leadership and administration.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE): Although not a requirement of the M. Div. program, we strongly encourage our students to pursue Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) as a Contextual Education unit, as we believe a crucial aspect of ministry in any setting is providing pastoral care.

CPE is a requirement if students wish to become certified chaplains, particularly in healthcare or hospital settings, after completing the M. Div. program. CPE units usually range from three to six months, and many students meet Eden's requirement of a 400-hour intensive CE unit by completing a summer CPE unit.

Learn more about CPE and the application process by:

  • visiting http://www.acpe.edu
  • contacting Peter Maffly-Kipp, Eden's Director for Dual Degree and Clinical Ministries, at pmkipp@eden.edu
  • attending our fall CPE information session, where CPE supervisors in the St. Louis area provide an overview and answer questions about the CPE program at their institutions, or
  • contacting the Office of Contextual Education, at ce@eden.edu, or 314-918-2557, to connect with an Eden student who has completed a CPE unit.

Interested in partnering with us by becoming a Contextual Education placement?

If so, we invite you to contact Rev. Carol Shanks at cshanks@eden.edu or 314-918-2538.
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