CE Placements

CE Placements

Community Learning Placement (CLP): First-year placement in social justice agencies, non-profits, health care settings and more. Students can choose from urban, suburban and rural opportunities.  

Congregational/church Placements
:  Churches provide our students with valuable experience in preaching and liturgy, pastoral care, Christian education, and church leadership and administration.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE): Although not a requirement of the M. Div. program, we strongly encourage our students to pursue Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), as we believe it is a crucial aspect of ministry in any setting is providing pastoral care.

Learn more about CPE and the application process by:

  • visiting http://www.acpe.edu
  • attending our fall CPE information session, where CPE supervisors in the St. Louis area provide an overview and answer questions about the CPE program at their institutions, or
  • contacting the Office of Contextual Education, at cshanks@eden.edu, or 314-918-2538

Interested in partnering with us by becoming a Contextual Education placement?

If so, we invite you to contact Rev. Carol Shanks at cshanks@eden.edu or 314-918-2538.
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