Limper Program in Christianity & World Religions

 Eden Theological Seminary believes that theological engagement with the religions of the world is one of the most significant issues for the Christian Church in the twenty-first century. While it is important to understand as much as possible about religions of the world, it is also important to understand one’s own religion’s approach to other religions. The Armin and Shirley Limper Program is devoted to helping Christian lay members and ordained clergy explore approaching other religions from a Christian perspective.

A generous gift from Armin and Shirley Limper to Eden Theological Seminary makes the Limper Program possible. Armin Limper, Professor Emeritus of Theology and Religion at Elmhurst College, has had a lifelong commitment toward thoughtful Christian engagement with the religions of the world. Dr. Limper, Eden Class of 1948, and his wife Shirley have provided resources for Eden to engage lay and ordained leaders in educational experiences exploring central issues of Christian theology in relation to the world's varied religions and religious peoples.
To find out how you can get involved email Jill Schantz or call 314-918-2554.
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