Dr. Sharon Tan Acting Dean for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

In a cooperative arrangement with United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis has appointed Dr. Sharon Tan as Eden’s Acting Dean for the 2018-2019 academic year. Dr. Tan serves as the Vice President for Academic Strategy at United Seminary and will take a leave from United to serve at Eden. Her responsibilities at Eden will include leadership of the educational programs, assistance during two upcoming accreditation visits, and furthering the strategic plans of both schools. United’s commitment to educate innovative and compassionate leaders has recently been strengthened by their plan to relocate to a new urban campus in Saint Paul. Eden continues a tradition of education for authorized ministries in the U.S. and globally, while exploring new leadership programs, particularly through the recently founded Walker Leadership Institute.
Leaders of both schools are open to explore opportunities for greater collaboration, including possible shared programming. Dr. David Greenhaw of Eden said: “For nearly fifty years, Eden and United have collaborated with United Church of Christ congregations and conferences in the Midwest. Continuing that collaboration and looking for new opportunities makes good sense. We are delighted to have a seasoned educational leader like Dr. Tan work with us this year.” According to United’s President, Dr. Lewis Zeidner, “Sharon Tan is an innovative and strategic thinker. We are glad that Eden will have the benefit of her skills during this period of transition. Finding opportunities for synergistic collaboration with Eden and Chicago Theological Seminaries are consistent with a long-standing tradition among the institutions.”
Working in a three-way partnership with Chicago Theological Seminary, United and Eden Seminaries have been part of the CUE Seminaries of the Midwest, Inc., since 1973. The mission of this partnership among seminaries in the region closely related to the United Church of Christ has been to:
• Strengthen the relationship between our churches and these seminaries.
• Further the mission and work of these seminaries.
• Provide financial support for these seminaries.
President Stephen Ray of Chicago Theological Seminary said: “These two schools are our strong partners, we are delighted at this moment of cooperation and believe it serves as the kind of creative collaborations we all seek.”
Dr. Tan holds both JD and PhD degrees from Emory University, and served as United’s academic dean before assuming her present position. She is a teacher and scholar in theological ethics, with specialties in Asian American Christian ethics, comparative religious ethics, justice, reconciliation and religious studies. Dr. Tan’s published works include the book, The Reconciliation of Races and Classes: How Religion Contributes to Politics and Law.

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