Explore Theological Education for You

With the new year brings resolutions and a time to make a difference. Why not start the new year right with self-reflection and exploration? In this process you may find yourself at a crossroads; feeling uncertain of your next step in life’s journey. You know you want to commit to a goal to improve life in the coming year but are unsure where to start.  Eden Theological Seminary can offer you numerous opportunities to help you on your next step; to commit to a goal to make a change and a difference.

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Eden’s annual admissions event, 24 Hours at Eden, gives you an opportunity to explore new paths to grow through education. You will learn about our Masters, Dual, Doctorate and Non-degree programs. You will have an opportunity to attend class if you want, to engage in concepts and questions, and most importantly to self-reflect.  We will provide a venue to build your network and speak one on one with Eden faculty, staff and students.

Previous attendees expressed that 24 Hours at Eden left them with a sense of community that was inclusive and ecumenical.  This event fosters an environment that is a safe space to learn, grow and self-reflect.

Alumna Amy Brooks reflected on her experience, “24 Hours @ Eden was a true window into life at Eden. The hospitality was outstanding, and the whole weekend was a positive experience. Through 24 Hours I had the opportunity to see the campus and meet the people in ways that would not have been possible in a shorter visit. I was able to get a sense of the community as a warm, welcoming place where the heart is valued as much as the mind. As a current student at Eden I can affirm those things to be true of this Seminary.”

Recent alums from Eden’s Walker Leadership Institute, NEXT Steps program, described a feeling of uncertainty after retirement, almost like chaos.  They wanted to find an atmosphere where they could have both a spiritual and introspective process; one that was both instructive and affirmative.  Eden is a friendly and safe space in which to explore.  The NEXT Steps program is a rewarding experience allowing students to investigate the future, and possibly gain more clarity of call.

A new decade and a new beginning go hand in hand, and we hope to be a part of that process for you. So, gather yourself and a guest to come to Eden for 24 Hours! We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you better while you take a look at what’s possible for your future.