24 Hours at Eden

February 17-18, 2019


Experience Eden by walking in the shoes of a seminary student for 24 hours.

“24 Hours at Eden was a true window into life at Eden. The hospitality was outstanding, and the whole weekend was a positive experience. Through 24 Hours I had the opportunity to see the campus and meet the people in ways that would not have been possible in a shorter visit. I was able to  get a sense of the community as a warm, welcoming place where the heart is valued as much as the mind.”  – Amy, prospective student

“The 24 Hours @ Eden event was incredibly influential in my decision to attend Eden because I was given the opportunity to be immersed in the day-to-day experience of a seminarian.  In my previous theological education, I found that transformation happens in learning communities, not merely by listening to lectures.  Through attending classes and chapel services, I found that Eden creates a space that welcomes all voices to contribute to conversations of theology and social justice.  Students and faculty members continue these conversations at social events around the bonfire, or over meals in the commons.  During “24 hours” no one tried to convince me to come to Eden, but I found the community compelling and exciting” – Chris, 24 Hours at Eden participant and now Eden Student

24 Hours at Eden Registration


We are so glad you will be joining us and please know we encourage you to bring a guest. It is always nice to have two sets of ears listening to the same information. We do prefer for these guests to be over 16 years of age. Also, if you need housing, you and your guest will need to share a room.


HOUSING: Our 24 Hours at Eden event is completely FREE! This event includes lodging and all the meals during your stay. Please know we even encourage people who live in Saint Louis to consider lodging with the other event participants (but we do not require it.)

MEALS: We want to be as accommodating as possible regarding food allergies. Please share your nutritional special needs.

TRAVEL: 24 Hours at Eden begins at 3:30pm Sunday and ends by 3pm Monday. Eden students/staff are happy to provide transportation services around the event but not during.

How to choose the best seminary for YOU
  • VisitExplore the campus, Attend a class, Worship in chapel

  • TalkParticipate in-class discussion, Ask questions to students, Share your story with a faculty member

  • DecideSeek God’s wisdom, Challenge yourself academically and ideologically, Choose the community where you feel safe to grow

Example 24 Hours Schedule

Printable Schedule Coming in 2019