Story Matters: Turning From Trials Toward Joy Performance



Date(s) - 06/04/2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Performance.  Great for ALL AGES.

June 4, 2022
3:00 – 4:00 pm Performance Via Zoom and FB Livestreamed

Story Matters: Turning From Trials Toward Joy – Story and the Psalms

Featuring nationally known artists, Valerie Tutson, Storyteller and Richard Bruxvoort Colligan, Songwriter.

Are you a church leader looking for inspiration for yourself and your community? Are you noticing that people are struggling to find meaningful ways to re/connect and share their stories? Are you a Minister, Deacon, Lay Leader, Christian Education Direction, Spiritual Seeker?


There is no doubt the world has been in a season of deep pain, grief, loss and trauma. We have been shaken to the core by the global COVID pandemic and re-awakened to the calls for racial justice and the Movement for Black Lives. Every day we are hearing the news of wars in the world.

It can seem overwhelming. We may feel at a loss.Especially as the world is trying to “return to normal.”How do we return to “what was”, without telling the story of where we’ve been?We can’t.For as long as people have lived, they have used story and song to make meaning of their experiences: who they are, whose they are, what has happened to them and why that matters

How does this moment NOW help us reflect on THEN, so we can prepare for WHAT’s NEXT?

This performance invites you to chart the Story Arc found in Biblical texts and your own lives.

Cost:  Free

About our leaders:

Richard Bruxvoort Colligan desires adventurous and imaginative music for the church. As a full-time composer and musician, he serves across denominations teaching about music and spiritual formation. Known for hymn forms, simple chant and pop-rock arrangements, he has several albums of original worship music. Richard is currently immersed in a long-term study of the Psalms. He is the owner of, and his songs have been published by the ELCA, UMC, UCC and PCUSA.

Valerie Tutson, a life-long member of the UCC has been telling stories around the world since 1991. Her repertoire includes tales from around the world with an emphasis on African and African American traditions and history. She is also well-known for her re-telling of age old Bible stories and is sought after as both a performer and workshop leader.

*The performance part of this program is made possible through a vital worship grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian worship, Grand Rapids, MI with funds provided by Lilly Endowment Inc.

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