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Pastoral Leadership

Boundary Training, Nov 6, 2020


Check out Pulpit Fiction created and hosted by two Eden alumni.
A Weekly Lectionary Podcast for Preachers, Seekers and Bible Geeks


Faith Formation

Gather your group to engage with the content of Eden’s public lectures on ministry.

Join others – On Thursday evening, October 8th, ChurchRecon, an expression of the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution, St. Louis, will be hosting a conversation about issues raised in the two parts of Eden’s Schmiechen Lecture.   Experience discussion online using a Circle format for a smaller group or a World Cafe format for a larger group.  ChurchRecon is a group including several Eden alumni, focusing on issues of vitality for local congregations.

On October 7th, the Schmiechen Lecture at Eden will invite attention to matters of coping in a pandemic, responding to structural oppression, and being the church in these times.

Both the lecture and the conversation are free.  Each will require you to register in order to get access.  To register for the lecture, follow the link above.  To register for the conversation with ChurchReCon, go to this event page.

Eden’s Theological E-Forum Series – The Progressive Christian Movement During Times of Crisis and Transformation
Spring 2020 Archives

Congregational Resources

Churches, please use these resources to inspire and compliment the good work you do in service to your congregations as alumni and friends of Eden.  

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Greetings from Eden, Fall 2020
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