Marks (UCC) Assessment Tool

Self-Inventory Tool for the Marks for Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministry
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Thank you for participating in the testing phase of this assessment tool .

Your input and thoughts on the tool can benefit its development as a tool for the church. Please send your comments to [email protected]┬ásubject: ‘Marks Assessment.’

The intention is that this inventory can be utilized by Committees on Ministry in support of candidates seeking ministerial authorization in the UCC. The tool is based on the 48 original statements in the Marks of Faith and Effective Authorized Ministry in the UCC (Marks). It utilizes themes of the enneagram in grouping the Marks into 6 themes. The scoring of the tool will identify where a person measures on each theme. This scoring will provide content and direction for further conversation with their COM mentor or members.

Scoring will indicate that a candidate has strong skills in the area, has good skills and might consider expanding them, needs to work on this growing edge, or needs focused learning on the this theme. The goal of the self-inventory tool is to identify areas where people are their strongest, and also to lift up growing edges that might require more coursework.