Church Finance

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2. Part 1 – Socially Responsible Investing – Katie McClosky

True or False. Impact investing is an investment strategy that invests for a morally positive outcome.
3. The difference between Green Bonds from other types of bonds is:
4. Part 2 – Corporate Engagement Successes – Katie McCloskey

True or False. Corporate Dialogs and Shareholder Resolutions are attributes of a strong social and corporate responsibility initiative.
5. Part 3 – UCC Investment Opportunities – Stacey Pettice

True or False. Long-term investments are those to be held 10 years or longer and are typically comprised of fixed rate investments.
6. Part 4 – Prudent Investment Strategies – Matt Wagner

True or False. The three types of Investment Fiduciaries are: Investment Steward, Investment Advisor and Investment Manager.
7. Why is diversification an important factor to consider as an asset allocation strategy?
8. True or False. The “time horizon” is an important factor to consider as an asset allocation strategy for churches with endowments intended to be managed over the life of the church.
9. Part 5 – Endowment Governance/Building an Endowment Policy – Matt Wagner

What is the importance of having policies that govern your organization’s endowment?
10. True or False. Having a Gift Acceptance Policy is important because it sets the rules of the road as to how your organization may receive, manage or object to a potential gift.
11. Which of the following are ways you can act as an ambassador for growing your church’s endowment?