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Welcome to your Church Finance Certification Part 2

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Webinar 1: Part 1- First 3 of the 10 Best Financial Practices

True or False. The role of the pastor and other church leaders involved in church finances should be clearly defined.
This type of budget format is useful for a simpler and higher-level conversation.
Webinar 2: Part 2- Second 4 of the 10 Best Financial Practices

True or False. In accrual accounting, funds are allocated to the year in which they were intended.
True or False.  A church should have a capital plan and reserve for capital needs and unforeseen expenses.
Webinars 3: Part 3 – Last 3 of the 10 Best Financial Practices

Forms of revenue, other than offering, a church might consider pursuing are:
True or False. A church should be cognizant of tax laws when leasing their building so as to not jeopardize its nonprofit status.
Webinar 4: Building up to a Building Project

Which of the following should be members of your team when considering a building project?
True or False. When assessing the future capabilities of your church facility, code compliance of the current facility is not relevant.
True or False. When considering a building project, the church should determine if there are capable members who are willing to be involved in the project.