Tools for Leadership Webinar Courses

Church Finance Certification

  • Matt Wagner, Director of Institutional Relations at United Church Funds provides basic investment advice for churches and explores issues related to gifts and endowments.
  • Stacey Pettis, Executive of Institutional Relationships at United Church Funds provides information on investment opportunities with UCC Financial Ministries.
  • Maria Coyne, President and CEO of The Cornerstone Fund, outlines the steps a church should take when contemplating a building project or capital improvement.
  • Katie McCloskey, Director of Social Responsibility at United Church Funds explains what socially responsible investment means, how it is implemented and how corporate engagement makes a difference.

Church Conflict Certification

  • Amy Bertchausen, Executive Director of Care and Counseling, explores understanding and managing church conflict and of how our churches can be healthier and more faithful.

Ideas for Rethinking Church Buildings

  • In this three-part webinar presented by Rev. David Schoen of the United Church of Christ Church Building and Loan Fund, you will be provided insights and ideas for rethinking church buildings, including missional theology and practical impacts facilities play in modern church ministry.