Eden Tower Illuminated in honor of Ramadan

The Seminary will illuminate the tower of the Samuel D. Press Educational Building in honor of the month of Ramadan. Muslims around the country and world will spend this most holy month in their calendar (that began with the March 10 sighting of the crescent moon in Saudi Arabia) fasting, praying, in acts of philanthropy and kindness, and reflection. The month celebrates the revelation of the Quran to Muhammed in Islam, and the observance of Ramadan stands in Islam as one of the five pillars of the practice of the religion. The tower lights will be lit from the evening of March 11 (after the first day of fasting) and will remain illuminated through April 9.

The Eden tower will shine with these colors to remember the observance of the Ramadan much of this month. For the period of the Western Christian observance of Holy Week and Easter, the Seminary will illuminate the tower in purple (for Holy Week) with the tower being dark Friday and Saturday PM, and illuminated in white Light on Easter Sunday. Following March 31, the tower will again be lit in green, turquois, purple, and gold through April 9, the conclusion of Ramadan.

While there are not fixed colors that represent the observance of Ramadan worldwide, traditional colors associated with the holiday season are greens, turquois, purples, and golds.

Eden Theological Seminary, as a school of the progressive Christian movement, affiliated with the United Church of Christ, is committed to forming leaders with capacity for interfaith collegiality in the practice of their religious faith, and is an institution committed to fostering interfaith collegial relationships toward pursuing justice and peace and the common good in the community and the world.

Ramadan Mubarak!