In Memoriam

Eden Seminary has been notified of the following Eden-connected people who have died this year.
You can view the November 2, 2022 All Saints Day service here
and the 2022 In Memoriam page here.

For more information or if you would like to add a loved one’s name to the 2023 All Saint’s Day service, please contact [email protected].

As We Remember...

Robert Baur. 02/06/23. Alum, Class of 1961. Obituary.

Emmett Brakensiek. 12/29/22. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Ronald Christiansen. 03/25/23. Alum, Class of 1960. Obituary.

Paul Davis. 01/27/23. Alum, Class of 1977. Obituary.

Jennifer Hall. 03/19/23. Alum, Class of 2007. Obituary.

Al F. Hohl, Jr. 03/17/23. Alum, Class of 1971. Obituary.

Carol Joyce. 11/30/22. Alum, Class of 1970. Obituary.

Peggy Kachulis. 02/06/23. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Susan Kaplansky. 12/17/22. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Eugene Keil. 11/11/22. Alum, Class of 1966. Obituary.

Doris Ruth Krueger. 12/03/22. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Donna Overholt. 03/22/23. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Kenneth Press. 11/11/22. Alum, Class of 1965. Obituary.

John Shear. 02/24/23. Alum, Class of 2003 & 2010. Obituary.

David T. Spooner. 12/10/22. Alum, Class of 1960. Obituary.

Jerry Statler. 02/21/23. Alum, Class of 1960. Obituary.

Sharon Weible. 01/06/23. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Paul W. Wentzien. 05/16/23. Friend fo Eden; Former Board of Directors. Obituary.