In Memoriam

Eden Seminary has been notified of the following Eden-connected people who have died this year.
You can view the November 1, 2021 All Saints Day service here
and the 2021 In Memoriam page here.

For more information or if you would like to add a loved one’s name to the 2022 All Saint’s Day service, please contact [email protected].

As We Remember...

Grace Ruhl Adams. 04/27/22. Alum, Class of 1956. Obituary.

Marvin Albright. 03/25/2022. Alum, Class of 1955. Obituary.

Elma Auchard. 04/09/21 Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Robert Lemar Bayler. 07/19/2022. Alum, Class of 1959. Obituary.

Ardeen (Dean) Bauch. 08/15/2022. Alum,  Class of 1952. Obituary.

Paul Baumer. 01/12/22. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Linda Bizer. 07/24/2022. Spouse of Alum. Obituary.

Erwin R. Bode. 04/09/22. Alum, Class of 1960. Obituary.

Carol Bueker. 08/09/2022. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Edwin “Ned” Budlong. 01/15/22. Alum, Class of 1963. Obituary.

Thomas Eckert. 03/27/2022. Alum, Class of 1959. Obituary.

Margaret “Marge” Engelsdorfer. 03/11/22. Alum, Class of 1954. Obituary.

Ronald Eslinger. 04/17/2022. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Susan Greiman. 12/30/2021. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Don Dale Hartman. 12/15/2021. Alum, Class of 1971. Obituary.

Paul Kiewit. 09/06/2022. Alum, Class of 1946. Obituary.

Fred Krauss. 11/17/21. Alum, Class of 1971. Obituary.

Elizabeth “Libby” Koshewa. Friend of Eden. 11/5/2021. Obituary.

Phillip LaGro. 10/10/2021. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Jean Libbey. 05/23/2022. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Virginia Moore. 10/16/21. Alum, Class of 1993. Obituary.

Jesse Pollman. 06/11/2022. Alum, Class of 1958. Obituary. 

Curtis Plummer. 12/06/20. Alum, Class of 1967. Obituary.

Rev. Levering Reynolds III. 01/02/2022. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Maryalice Roush. 06/09/2022. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Ronald Ruggles, Sr. 04/13/2022. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Pat Schubert. Friend of Eden. 09/06/2022. Obituary.

Donald Scott. 06/13/2022. Friend of Eden. Obituary. 

Richard “Dick” Stanger. 03/02/22. Friend of Eden. Obituary.

Constance Bixby Tanis. 04/27/22. Alumni, Class of 1989. Obituary.

Al Volle. 11/02/21. Alum, Class of 1955. Obituary.

Gary Richard Weber. 09/25/21. Alum, Class of 1975. Obituary.